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Sportbox Storage systems was formed to enable access to the sports we love by providing secure storage solutions at the point of use. 

sportbox storage at the waters edge.

Our passion is seeing people get outdoors, and our mission is to make that as easy as possible. We are based in the San Francisco Bay area supporting the North American market with storage solutions. With over 80 years of water sports experience our management team knows the ins and outs of keeping your gear safe. Sportboxes aluminum and fiberglass construction are perfect for harsh salt water environments.

Stand Up Paddleboarding  Windsurfing, Surfing, Kayaks and more are perfect for Sportbox. In fact Sportbox is perfect for any really long, or really short, items you want to store. The length is limited only by your imagination.

One thing that always bothered us with other storage solutions was the lack of the ability to keep all our small gear and accessories with our paddleboard or windsurfers. The goal was to ride up on our bike and have everything we needed waiting for us.  That is what Sportbox is all about.

Another thing - we love our gear. We know that UV is the enemy when it comes to the performance and longevity of our gear. Sportbox keeps our gear out of the sun and out of the elements.

We hope you find Sportbox helps you spend more time enjoying your gear and less time schlepping it around on your car. Sportbox can extend the life of your gear by simply taking better care of it.

We also see the unique opportunity Sportbox offers for the entreprenuerial minded. You could run a great school or tour business by keeping your gear in Sportbox or rent the spacesout create a nice stream of supplemental passive income.

Sportbox kayak storage system